Artist Statement

People fascinate me... I choose to sculpt exotic and unique souls because of their colorful histories; they provoke me in a way than I cannot explain. As a child of the depression era, I had little to be creative with. But I loved to invent so I made my own dreamed up art from anything I could find around our home. That was the start of my art education.

My 35 year career as a nationally certified massage therapist and licensed esthetician opened my heart and mind to the living spirit and taught my hands the intricacies of face and body. With that unique education I was blessed with a love for sculpting.

I approach the art of sculpting like seeing through the lens of a camera. In each sculpture I create I express my personal truth in the powerful faces that emerge. My desire is to create art that coaxes viewers to look deeper into life and see the truth of what is there.